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Experience the comfort, ease, fun and value you deserve at the Olathe dentist that is trusted by more families than any other dentist in Olathe KS.

Olathe DentistYour Olathe, Kansas Dentist

Welcome to the Olathe Dentist that will finally make you and your family feel as comfortable and at ease with all your dental care needs as you deserve!

The Gold Standard

Waters Davidson Family Dentistry has set the gold standard for what families and individuals should expect when they visit an Olathe dentist. Through state-of-art technology, industry-leading expertise, and the friendliest dentists in Olathe, your experience at Waters Davidson will change the way you view dental care forever.

A Pleasant Experience

Waters Davidson is different than every other Olathe dentist. While it’s common for people to associate their past dental care experiences with pain and discomfort, our family-owned practice delivers fun, relaxing and personalized solutions that transform a routine visit to the dentist into a tailor-made experience. It’s not just simply a brand of dental care that you deserve ⎯ it’s a comforting experience that will make you look forward to your next visit.

Your Needs

If there is one thing that no other Olathe dentist can offer you, it’s the expert level of quality care you will receive at Waters Davidson Family Dentistry. We specialize in everything from general and routine dental care to advanced cosmetic dentistry, and we make certain that your experience is personalized to best meet your needs and expectations.

Here For You

While expertise, personalized care, comfort and ease are the kinds of uncommon standards we are famous for, we also understand that your schedule is busy and full of obstacles. Let us make your life a little easier. Our Olathe dentist office hours of operation and our location are optimized to be convenient for your busy schedule and lifestyle.

The Next Step

Your first step towards the healthiest smile you can imagine begins with Waters Davidson Family Dentistry. Set-up your new patient evaluation today by calling 913-782-1330, and let us show you why we are the only dentist in Olathe that you will ever want to visit again.


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